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Reconnecting to the Divine Feminine to Bring More Ease into your Fitness and your Business

Reconnecting to the Divine Feminine to Bring More Ease into your Fitness and your Business

Article written by Janae Kellogg

Have you ever felt burned out?

Since you’re an entrepreneur, I’m positive you have. We all have. It’s not easy being an entrepreneur. And most likely, you wear many other hats on top of this. Maybe it’s mom, wife/partner, sister, daughter, friend, etc. 

If you’ve ever experienced burnout, you know it can be a really tough place to be, and sometimes it feels like “how the heck am I going to get myself out of this?” 

By reconnecting to your divine feminine power and getting back to flow

First, let’s take a look at what masculine and feminine energy is (in case you’re not familiar with it). We all have both masculine and feminine energy inside of us. It’s not a male or female thing (meaning, men don’t just have masculine energy and women don’t just have feminine energy). However, as women, our feminine energy is usually our more dominant energy. And when we connect with this, we become the most powerful being and get what we want. 

So, masculine is more about the DOING. This is when we are in hustle mode, getting things done, pushing for goals, thinking with our mind. 

The feminine is more about BEING. It’s about receiving (like when you get paid), rest, being in your flow, connected with your heart and your intuition and your body. 

When we are TOO much in our masculine, hustle mode, this is where the burnout happens. 

So how does this relate to fitness? 

Most of fitness is very masculine. Have you ever thought “in order to get results I have to push really hard, diet really hard, and never take a break”? 

If you think this way with fitness, it’s very likely you have the same view for your business. 

Is that working for you? Or do you feel like always being in a state of hustle is draining you? 

Here’s my experience: it takes both masculine and feminine to be successful in business AND in fitness. 

There is a time to push, and there is a time to rest and allow things to happen as they are meant to. And if we can learn how to connect with our feminine and apply it to every area of our lives, we will be more energized, focused, happy, powerful, and successful. 

Because when we are connected to our feminine, we are operating in our most powerful state. 

So how do we embody the feminine in our fitness? Because I’m here to tell you- you do not have to train 6-7 days a week and diet really extreme to get the results you want. This is how feminine in fitness can look like: 

  • Listening to when your body needs a rest day.
  • Listening to what foods your body is craving. 
  • Movement that feels good to your body. Maybe it needs a walk outside, some yoga, or some stretching. 
  • Warming up properly before lifting. Example- doing warmup sets before you go into deadlifts. Where do you feel this in the body? What sensations show up? Where is your breath at? 
  • Make the gym your playground. How can you make it fun again? What exercises are fun and a fun challenge for you? 

You can apply the same things to your business. How can you make it fun? When do you need to take a break and just let things BE? All hustle and no flow is going to leave you feeling burned out and stressed. In fitness, your body isn’t going to respond to that. In business, more money and clients don’t usually come when we are in this state either. 

The more you take care of yourself mentally and physically, the more you’ll be able to grow your business and live your life without feeling stressed and burned out. 

And if you want a new way of approaching your fitness where you don’t have to run yourself into the ground just to lose a few pounds, try applying a more feminine approach to it. Have fun again! Rest when you need to. Train hard, rest hard, listen to what your body needs. You’ll feel more refreshed and energized for every other area of your life too. 

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Meet Janae:

Hi! My name is Janae Kellogg and I am a personal trainer, health & fitness coach, and yoga instructor. My passion is helping women become the best version of themselves and feel confident and strong in their body. I’m also the mom of the cutest little Boston terrier named Chip.

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