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$10k Months FOMO

$10k Months FOMO

Article written by Bri Clayton

“How I scaled my business to $10k months with less than 1,000 in my audience”…

“5 reasons you’re not making $10k a month”…

“The simple way to make 5 figure months in 2023”…

We’ve all seen coaches out there teaching others to make $10k months with ease… but where are the coaches for people just trying to sign their first client or make their first $5k? That’s one of the biggest gaps in the online industry.

This truly is the first milestone that people reach when they’re starting their entrepreneur career – to sign their first client and replace their corporate salary – and there are not enough resources out there for those entrepreneurs. The online space can do so much better. 

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“Making it” in the online world

As there are so many posts in the online world about making $10k a month, it can really bring a person down when they’re not hitting those milestones. The reality is that if you’re running your business and you have one, or numerous, clients, you’ve made it in the online world. Honestly, just taking the jump to start your own business is an achievement in itself. 

There truly is no guideline to starting an online business. There is no cheat code, secret method, or special strategy. It’s all about what you want. You get to decide what happens in your business, when things happen, and what the ultimate goal is. So if having a $5k month is your goal, don’t let others tell you that you should aim higher.


The disappointing feeling

The truth is though, if everyone in the online space is talking about $10k months and $100k months… having a $5k month can be truly disappointing. But having a $5k month is a huge achievement and you should be proud. You’re replacing your corporate income, you’re doing what you love, you’re home with your family, and you’re happy – what else can you truly ask for? 

You decided to leave your corporate job for a reason, what was that reason? Take a moment to think about it.

Was it to run a huge business that takes every bit of your time to run? Or was it to build a business that supported you and allowed you to sustain a proper work-life balance? If it’s the latter, then maybe $10k months aren’t for you.

The reality

If you do want to have a $10k month, and your goal is to run a bigger business, it’s important to know that there is more going on behind that $10k month than just profit. With more income comes more responsibility and more expenses. 

These expenses can take anywhere between 10-15% of their profit. On top of that, they have taxes to pay, which is usually around 30%. Once they pay that, they’re left with about $5.5k and they probably still have a mentor (and possibly a team) to pay. 

Additionally, when you’re in a service provider business, with $10k months you probably have a team – which means you need to be a leader as well. That’s a large role to take on, and not everyone is made for it. 

So although they are making $10k a month, they are not bringing home $10k a month and they may even be managing a team. It’s important to understand that when you’re deciding your goals. 


Other Milestones

When you’re setting goals for your business, there are so many other milestones you can consider. A few that I suggest are your first client, your first project, finding your voice and creating a brand, growing your social media presence, having a post perform well, and many other milestones. 

When you set goals, don’t just set monetary goals. You created a business to create balance in your life, that includes setting more than just money goals. Consider what you want in 5, 10, and 15 years – how can you make that happen by utilizing your business? 

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You’re not alone in the online space. You’re also not alone in thinking that $10k months means you’ve made it. The best way to create a business you love is to surround yourself with people who have similar goals, people who love you, and people who encourage you every single day to create a sustainable and scalable business. 

You’ve got this.


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