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Body Image in Businesswomen

Body Image in Businesswomen

Article written by Janae Kellogg

As business women, we wear a lot of hats. CEO, mom, daughter, friend, caregiver, wife, partner, listener, queen, and possibly many more. 

Have you ever felt yourself wearing a mask as you play one of these roles? 

I know I have.

It’s the mask of a woman struggling with food and her body. Almost every woman I know has struggled with this to some degree in her life. But in the position you are in, wearing any of these many hats at any given moment, do you feel like you are hiding behind a mask because you have to be the strong one and can’t show that you have your own inner battles? 

If not, I commend you! If you can resonate with this, read on.. 🙂 

This was my mask for most of my life. Still is to some degree. It’s a battle I have to fight daily, but, the day I took the mask off and told my story was the day I was able to start finding more healing. 

Talking about it helped.

I KNEW in my heart that my struggle with food and my body was THE THING holding me back from expanding my business and stepping into my full potential as a leader and coach. No matter what industry you’re in or what your business is, the growth of it depends so much on your own mental and physical health and well-being. Having your dream business all starts with you. 

Having a healthy relationship with food and with your body will trickle into your business. When you feed yourself properly, you will have more mental clarity and creativity for new ideas and tasks at hand, not to mention energy to get through the day better. And I am confident enough to say people will even notice it when you talk to them. People will be drawn to you because of your energy and glow. 

The work we do on the inside shows on the outside. It is evident in the way you walk, the way you talk, the brightness in your eyes, and the bounce in your step. 

A woman who takes care of herself carries herself differently. People feel different in her presence. Clients will be magnetized to you! 

So, how do we improve our relationship with ourselves and with food? How do we create a more positive body image so we can build the business of our dreams? Or, if you already do have that, maybe not feel so burned out day to day. 

The first step I suggest is to get to know yourself outside of your business. Your business does not define you. You are not JUST a business woman. It is one part of who you are. What other traits do you have? What do you like to do outside of work? What makes YOU, YOU? Write them down. 

Second is mindfulness with food. Are you so busy that you barely taste your food? When was the last time you made a meal from scratch and took your time eating it or really tasted the flavors of your food? This is one of my favorite exercises to do! In being more mindful with our food, we can stop emotional eating and improve our relationship with food, make healthier choices, and probably even drop a few pounds if that’s your goal.

Try these steps: make a meal from scratch and take your time; chew each bite slowly, notice the flavors; notice when you feel satisfied, then stop eating. You don’t have to finish each bite, and you will feel satisfied yet energized after your meal. 

Next, find a way to exercise that feels good for you. If you like to do a variety of things, ask yourself what you need today. If you are anxious and want to feel more grounded, yoga or strength training are both good choices. If you are tired and need an energy boost, maybe a brisk walk or some type of cardio. As you are exercising, notice how your body feels and be thankful for what it can do. 

Your body will tell you what it needs if you listen to it. Every day, all day, it is giving us signals. It’s just that all too often we are so busy we don’t even listen. That’s when it reaches the point where it screams at us and we are forced to listen. This is usually when we realize we have 30 pounds to lose or now we have type 2 diabetes and have to work to reverse health issues. 

The more you can become best friends with your body and tend to her needs, mentally and physically, the more love you cultivate within yourself. 

If you need someone to talk to, find someone trustworthy. If you are ready to take the mask off and reclaim your health and fitness, I am just a call away, and I’d love to help you on this journey. You are meant to thrive and be successful and not burned out.

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Meet Janae:

Hi! My name is Janae Kellogg and I am a personal trainer, health & fitness coach, and yoga instructor. My passion is helping women become the best version of themselves and feel confident and strong in their body. I’m also the mom of the cutest little Boston terrier named Chip 🥰

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