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Exploring the Impact of Emotional Eating on Female Entrepreneurs

Exploring the Impact of Emotional Eating on Female Entrepreneurs

Article written by Norma Frahn

Do you ever find yourself reaching for a cookie or a bag of chips after a particularly stressful business meeting? Or maybe you dive into a bowl of ice cream when you’re feeling overwhelmed by all that is on your entrepreneurial plate? If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. I know, because I’ve been there, too. Emotional eating is a silent struggle many of us face, and yet, it remains under-discussed and often dismissed as a weakness or lack of self-control. But is that really the case?

It’s not about a lack of willpower or an inability to stick to a diet. It’s about our bodies’ instinctive reaction to stress, discomfort, and emotional turmoil. Emotional eating is the act of turning to food for comfort, for relief, not because we’re physically hungry, but because we’re emotionally famished. Our societal norms don’t make it any easier. They tell us to be strong, to suppress our emotions, to always be in control.

As women entrepreneurs, we are often so consumed by the countless decisions we have to make, the obstacles we face, and the burnout we experience, that emotional eating becomes an easy escape. But at what cost? I’ve seen it firsthand in my clients – brilliant women with incredible business ideas, held back by the shackles of emotional eating.

Understanding the Connection of Emotional Eating & Our Business Success:

Let’s dive a little deeper into how our relationship with food and body image affects our business success. As women entrepreneurs, we wear so many hats. We’re the creative brains behind our businesses, we’re the strategists, the marketers, the salespeople, the customer service, the list goes on. We’re balancing so much on our plates, and at times, the pressure can be overwhelming.

Now, add to that the constant war with food and our bodies. The guilt of that extra piece of chocolate cake isn’t just a fleeting feeling. It lingers, it haunts us. It seeps into our consciousness, casting a shadow over our self-esteem. How can we lead, inspire, or innovate when we’re burdened by the weight of our own self-judgment?

And it’s not just about food. It’s also about our bodies, our self-image. As women, we’re constantly bombarded with images and narratives of what we should look like, how we should present ourselves. And when we fail to meet these unrealistic standards, it chips away at our confidence. Have you ever found yourself worrying about how you look during a video conference, instead of focusing on the discussion? Or hesitated before sharing your ideas because you didn’t feel comfortable in your own skin? I’ve been there, and let me tell you, it can be paralyzing.

The self-doubt, the guilt, the shame, they all become obstacles on our path to success. They distract us, drain us, and diminish our potential. Can we truly be the powerful entrepreneurs we aspire to be when we’re constantly at war with ourselves?

But here’s the silver lining. Just as our relationship with food and our bodies can hinder our success, transforming this relationship can propel us forward. Imagine walking into a meeting, feeling strong, confident, comfortable in your own skin. Imagine making business decisions from a place of self-love and respect, rather than self-doubt and guilt. That’s the power of overcoming emotional eating. As entrepreneurs, we owe it to ourselves and our businesses to address these issues and free ourselves from these burdens and reclaim our power.

The Way Forward: Addressing Emotional Eating Together:

So, what can we do? We start by acknowledging and understanding our emotional eating patterns as normal. Emotional eating is complicated and it can be upsetting when it is our primary coping mechanism.

A good first step is to start talking about it – bring our emotional eating behaviors out into the light and talk to each other. Our connection as female entrepreneurs doesn’t stop when the Zoom meeting ends or when the brilliant blog is posted.  Our connection can continue in a much deeper way, and it starts with one brave voice that says, “I’m struggling, I need your help.”

Together, we can face emotional eating head-on, because it isn’t just about improving our personal health; it’s about empowering ourselves to be better entrepreneurs. It’s about taking care of our lives and our businesses. It’s about breaking the barriers that are holding us back. It’s about freedom. Isn’t it time we gave ourselves permission to tend to our emotional needs?

Remember, you’re not alone in this. We can navigate this path together, supporting each other along the way. I invite you to join the conversation and share your experiences. It’s time we broke free from the grip of emotional eating and embraced the success we all deserve.  

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Meet Norma:

Norma is a certified Life Coach and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, with over three years of experience coaching women on weight loss. Her revelation? Weight loss is not the ultimate goal; it’s all about mending the connection with food and conquering emotional eating. No diet in the world can achieve what she does.

Whether through private coaching or her online community, Norma empowers women to break free from the clutches of emotional eating, finally finding serenity with food and their bodies. Her passion is to help women discover true peace, once and for all.

Find her here: Website | Quiz | Substack | Instagram